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If your web site does not respond to mobile devices, then you are losing customers and sales. Its that simple.

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We launch web sites in a week and get you on Google, Facebook, and Youtube in 45-60 days. Yes we have proof.


When is the last time you checked your online reviews? If you ignore it, they will still be there for others to read.

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In 1998 the inspiration began from a love of art and creativity that carried through our childhoods. Taking that same vision and transforming it into web design was only natural for our design team. Combined with clever imaginations and commitment, Platoon Media transformed our vision into original web design that has since grown into what we are today. Listening to the needs of others, paying attention to every word and delivering the desired results what Platoon Media does on a daily basis. So many times people are promised the world, but instead receive nothing but shattered hope and a total loss of faith in what the web can really do for them. Whether your monthly budget is $300 or $100,000, let Platoon Media maximize your online marketing efforts. With the right combination of technology, relationships, search engine knowledge, and service, we are focused on your success. We are Veteran owned and operated and uphold the same disciplines when dealing with your business.


Retargeting produces greater online sales by keeping your brand front and center and bringing "window shoppers" back when they're ready to make a purchase. Every time your consumer sees your retargeted advertisements, your brand name gains traction and more acknowledgment.


We create video content purposed for the internet that tells a story about your business or happy customers. Think of it like "word of mouth" over the internet with your happy customers spreading the word on Youtube to other potential, new customers. People are tired of the same old sales pitch, we think outside the box.

Social Engagement

Social media never sleeps, which is why we post compelling content for clients 7 days a week, 365 days a year. And we aren't limited to the big networks. Instagram, Pinterest, etc — if you can name it, we can establish your presence on it. Being social is not something a business can afford to ignore any longer, and consumers are tired of one way communication.

SEO is Easy

If you have a business that exists in any capacity online, the bottom line is you need to make sure that website is optimized properly for search engines. Otherwise, the only people who will know about your website, and consequently, what products you sell, will be you and your employees.

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Front Page of Google

We help our clients pin point targeted search terms that local consumers are using on Google. This ranking can take 30-60 days depending on your industry and the competition.

Press Release and Blog Writing

Google has made several key changes to how their algorithm ranks your web site, but one thing always remains true year after year. They love fresh content about your company and our writers can produce all the content you need.

Video Creation & Marketing

We create videos with a purpose, not a boring TV commercial, and then put those videos in front of local consumers on Google, Youtube and Facebook. Watch your video show up on the front page of Google with ease.

Business Mobile Apps

We create apps that will work for any business, and with the already busy mobile market, you can create your own customer loyalty programs. You don't have to share profits with Groupon, Yelp, or any other third party platform.

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Houston SEO Local Marketing

Customized Marketing On The Web, One Size Does Not Fit All

Over 16 years we have met with so many businesses that all think and say the same thing about the internet. If you want to stand out in a crowd then why are you doing the same thing all of your competitors are doing? The internet is so vast, wide and mobile that your target audience could be spread out across different marketing channels. Unlike boring TV and Radio ads, that most people ignore, you can tell the unique story about your business on the web with ease. We help you create that story and put it in front of multiple, targeted audiences (based on demographic or geographic data) all over the internet. This is what they mean when you hear the term "word of mouth" marketing on the web.

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